Electrotechnical Society of Slovenia and IEEE Communication Society Chapter of Slovenia are planning to organise an International Telecommunications Symposium VITEL 2002 under the title:

Next Generation Networks and Beyond

The aim of the Symposium is to bring together experts from around the world involved in research, development, construction, and operation of NGNs to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do we characterise NGN-s?
  • Are NGN-s, as we understand them today, the ultimate solution of telecommunications infrastructure problems?
  • Which technologies are presently driving the evolution of NGN-s?
  • Is there a role for small players in developing and building NGN-s?
  • How manageable are NGN-s?
  • Are present day NGN-s already commercially viable option for access networks?
  • How can photonic and microwave technologies best complement each other in NGN-s?
  • Transition to NGN-s: evolutionary or revolutionary?
  • Do NGN-s support well enough the seamless integration of all communication services?
  • Where is the greatest value of NGN-s: in cost-effective provision of existing services or as an enabler of entirely new services?
The list of questions is not complete. You are invited to submit original paper addressing topics in all areas of NGN-s you find feasible.

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